7th Texas Cavalry

Angelina County

Company D, 7th Regiment
Texas Mounted Volunteers


Company D, Seventh Texas Cavalry, was organized in September, 1861. It was mustered into service at San Antonio  and assigned  to the Seventh Regiment of General Sibley's Brigade, afterwards better known as General Tom Green's Brigade.

William H. Cleaver, an attorney‑at‑law,  b. Alabama, c. 1836, migrated to Texas in 1858 and settled in Homer, Angelina  County. In 1860, Cleaver was  elected  Chief Justice of Angelina  County, a position  he held until he resigned  to join the army. He enrolled “The Angelina Troop” in Homer, Angelina  County, on September  20, 1861. “The Angelina Troop” was  mustered  into Confederate  service for “the  war” in San Antonio  as Company D, 7th Regiment Texas  Mounted Volunteers  on October 24, 1861.

Company  D set out from San Antonio  for the  West the latter part of December  and  probably reached Fort Bliss in February, 1862. “The Angelina  Troop” formed  a portion of Colonel William Steele's  force in the Mesilla‑El Paso area, and, thus, did not take part in the New Mexico campaign proper. The unit made up part of the rear guard which evacuated  Ari­zona  and  far West  Texas  in July, 1862. While   engaged  in  foraging  operations, Company  D fought  several skirmishes  with the local Mexi­cans, losing Cleaver and five men. The same day  that  the captain  was  killed, Lieutenant  Hampton  A. Parton was elected  to replace  him. The Census of 1860 records  Parton  as an unmarried, Tennessee‑born  merchant   resid­ing  in Homer.

Of the eighty  men on this roll, one was left  behind sick and three men were discharged  prior to leaving San Antonio  for the West. While  en route three  men were left  behind  because  of illness, and one was medically   discharged, leaving  Company D with seventy-­two  on reaching Fort Bliss. Five men were killed, three were medically   discharged, three  transferred  to the Valverde  Battery, two resigned, one died, and two who were left behind sick the El Paso Hospital were taken prisoner. Assuming that the three who had been left behind on the march to Fort Bliss rejoined their command, Company  D returned  to San Antonio with no more than fifty-nine fit for duty.

Our thanks to Barry Lemmons for supplying us with this information.


Commanding Officers

Captain William H. Cleaver

Company Officers

1st Lt. Andrew L. Hudiburgh (Pri. in TST)
2nd Lt. Hampton A. Parton
2nd Lt. George W. Eaton

 Non-Commissioned Officers

Orderly Sgt. Charles Pate
Quartermaster Sgt. Mont Cushman
Sgt. John J. Spears
Sgt. Samuel Brown
Sgt. S. Milton Tucker


Cpl. Samuel Hudiburgh
Cpl. R.W. Thompson
Cpl. Aaron Hutchinson


Cpl. Samuel S. Page, Bugler



Burrel H. Alexander
John Alexander
W. Parks Allen
Ben Allen
Alexander H. Baxter
______ Bennett
Berry S. Brashears
Walk Brashears
John M. Brashears
B.W. Brewer
J. (Scrap) Bruce
Tom Burrows (Burris)
Robert Byrd
Edwin 0.Campbell
Duce Cherry
William H.A. Clayton
Thomas J. Cole
George J. Collins
Lewis Conner
Samuel Corley
G. Washington Cornett
Simeon Courson (Coulson)
Robert J. Courtney
Rube W. Courtney
Jeff Courtney
Sol Courtney
Jerry Crane
Nick Crane
Tom Crane
John Crutchfield
E.R. Daniels (Daniel)
Dolph Daniels
J.W. Davis
W.H. Davis
Jim (James A.) Denton
Frank Duron
John (Johnathan) Elliot
Tillman Evans
Amos Fairchild
George Washington Fairchild
Henry Fairchild
Lafayette Finley
James Forest
B.J. Fuller
Charles Grimes
John Grimes
Pleasant Grimes
Lee Guinn
Gammon Guinn
Simon Guinn
Thomas B. Haley
______ Hanchett
______ Harrison
Charles Havard
Mayor Havard
Levy Hearn
John W. Herron (Hearn)
T.L. Herron
Sam Husband
C.T. Jones
Hamp Jones
Henry Jones
James Jones
J. Cal Jones
J.H. Jones
Tib Jones
Lewis Jordan
James Kirkwood
Alexander Lattie (Latta)
Marion Lee
William H. Lee
William M. Lemonds
William G. or William H. Lindsay
George W. Marlow (Marler)
_____ Martin
George Massengill
Nathaniel B. Massengill
George Maulden
W. Haden Maulden
Napol Maulding
W.E. McGaughe
John G. McInnis
Sam P. McInnis (McGinnis)
Ephraim Henry Foster McMullen
John Middleton
J. Berry Moore
James Nelson
Benjamin Franklin Nerren
George Nerren
James Neyland
Fayette Norris
John W. Oates
Jim Osburn
Mack Owens
Charles Page
Sam Page
_____ Patton, Jr.
_____ Patton, Sr.
Jim Perkins
John Perkins
James S. Phillips
William S. Phillips
Sebe Phillips
_____ Phillips
W. Dave Pratt
Ben H. Renfro
James D. Renfro
Charles Allen Rush
John W. Scott
William H. Smith
John Spears
Sebe Spears
Walter Spears
George H. or George M. Spivey
Alfred Salem Squyres
Silas J. Squyres
William H. Standard
Stephen L. Stanley
Solomon Sterne
Sol Stevens
James J. Stringer
Joe Stringer
Peter Stringer
A. Jackson Tuberville
S. Milton Tucker
Austin Vinson
Boss Weeks
Jap Weeks
J.M. Weeks
J.N. Weeks
J. Robert Weeks
Jesse Welch


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