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The 7th Texas Cavalry strives to reenact the citizen horse soldier from Texas. It was formed to provide enjoyable opportunities for individuals and families to experience, learn, and in return, teach others about all aspects of life in the mid-19th century. The American Civil War is one of the most fascinating and defining moments in our history. Everything from the military conflicts and tactics to civilian life with its social expectations and customs, are experiences that 21st Century living historians in the 7th Texas Cavalry attempt to re-create.


September 26th - 27th, Madill, OK
Ft. Washita Civil War Weekend

Nov 6th - 8th, McKinney, TX
Battle for Myers Landing

December 13th - 14th, Ft. Washita, OK
Private Unit Gathering

America's leading historical artist John Paul Strain has been painting and reenacting the Civil War for nearly 20 years.  As commander of the 7th Texas Cavalry he is dedicated to creating a fun and exciting experience of the glory days of  horse cavalry,  for reenactors new and old.
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