7th Texas Cavalry

Company B, 7th Regiment
Texas Mounted Volunteers

During the New Mexico Expedition with Sibley's Brigade

The Company Record

 Major Gustav Hoffman enrolled his company of Germans in New Braunfels, Comal County, on September 28, 1861. The unit was mustered into Confederate service for "the war" at Camp Sibley, near San Antonio as Company B, 7th Regiment Texas Mounted Volunteers on October 8, 1861. Company B took part in the battles of Valverde and Glorieta and the skirmish of Peralta. Of the 86 men on this roll, one remained behind in San Antonio to be medically discharged, leaving Company B with 85 effectives on the eve of the invasion of New Mexico During the campaign four men were killed on the battlefield, one at Valverde and three at Glorieta, eight were wounded, five at Valverde and three at Glorieta, and 13 were taken prisoner, including two of those who had been wounded. Two prisoners were sent to Camp Douglas, Illinois. In addition, four men deserted, one was accidentally shot and killed, and one died of disease. With the transferring in of one new man during the campaign, Company B arrived in San Antonio with no more than 62 men fit for duty. 

Original journal by:
John Stavinoha



Commanding Officers

General Henry Hopkins Sibley, age 46
Gustav Hoffman, age 42

Company Officers

1st Lt. Scipio Schwartzhoff, age 45
2nd Lt. Carl Conrad, age 39
2nd Lt. Carl Weichold, age 42

 Non-Commissioned Officers

1st Sgt. Hermann Gelven, age 28
2nd Sgt. Stephen Marbach, age 26
3rd Sgt. Charles Hasenbeck, age 40
4th Sgt. Julius Ploetz, age 21
5th Sgt. Julius Eggeling, age 44


1st Cpl. Henry Sippel, age 20
2nd Cpl. F. W. Philippe,
age 25
3rd Cpl. Henry Jonas, age 21
4th Cpl. Henry Schaefer,
age 18


1st Bugler Fredrich Muller, age 37
2nd Bugler F. Schleicher,
age 22
Ferdinand Blume, age 35


Arning, Otto, age 20
Blumentritt, L., age 20
Brotze, Fredrich, age 18
Clemberger, Eugene, age 17
Ebensberger, Eugene, age 19
Faust, Joseph, age 18
Fenske, George, age 18
Gelven, Adolph, age 22
Gotthardt, G., age 33
Haas, Wilhelm Reinhard, age 18
Habermann, August, age 25
Halm, Charles, age 21
Harms, Fred, age 18
Hartwig, Fredrich, age 26
Hein, Ferdinand, age 26
Heinz, Otto, age 19
Hermes, Edward, age 39
Jordan, F., age 22
Kanther, H., age 28
Karbach, Fredrich, age 24
Kimpel, Peter, age 25
Kraemer, John, age 22
Lefevre, William, age 28
Linnartz, J., age 20
Linnartz, P. T., age 22
Linartz, Peter, age 47
Lüders, Fredrich, age 45
Magnus, A., age 19
Marquardt, John, age 26
Meier, August, age 20
Meier, Chr., age 28
Mergenthal, John, age 27
Mergenthal, William, age 25
Mithinges, W., age 36
Moos, Kasper, age 18
Moos, Robert, age 26
Nitsche, Charles, age 20
Panthermuhl, C., age 23
Panthermuhl, J., age 30
Penshorn, Fr., age 20
Propst, Chr., age 22
Ransom, James, age 22
Rheinlander, Charles, age 30
Riedel, Frank, age 18
Sahm, Adolph, age 20
Scheel, Robert, age 21
Scheel, William, age 19
Schmidt, William, age 24
Schmith, Martin, age 25
Schroeder, H., age 25
Schuenemann, Charles, age 21
Schuhl, Jacob, age 22
Schultz, Fred., age 20
Schultz, Dr. Henry, age 36
Schuman, Fritz, age 21
Schurre, Ed, age 36
Schutz, Charles, age 22
Simon, Sylvester, age 20
Smith, John, age 22
Stratemann, Charles, age 22
Waldschmidt, Phillip, age 22
Weber, Conrad, age 21
Weyel, Adolph, age 21
Weyel, John, age 23
Wicke, Christian, age 18
Widemer, Henry, age 18
Willmann, G., age 32
Willman, Hermann, age 20
Worf, Peter

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